Annual Sexy Accent Night comes back to GV

Courtesy: GVSU Bringing Together the World

Spencer W. Miller

Courtesy: GVSU Bringing Together the World

Autumn Babas

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While study abroad provides students with a chance to dive into different cultures, not everyone is able to take part. So, Grand Valley State University’s Bringing Together the World will soon be kicking off Sexy Accent Night, where students can dance the night away while exploring unique cultures right here at GVSU. Students will be able to see and experience these cultures without having to do any traveling. 

“It’s a night where students can come and learn in a fun way and not feel like they are being lectured,” said President of Bringing Together the World Alan Carter.

Sexy Accent night will be held Friday, March 22 from 7 to 11:30 p.m. in the Kirkhof Center Grand River Room. Several different cultural organizations on campus will come and play live music, perform cultural dances, display their own artwork and represent their culture. On this night, one room will take students on an expedition around the world. 

“There is a vast variety of organizations coming,” Carter said. “Some of the performances will be by K-pop, Irish Dancing Club, Taekwondo club and even an American violinist.”

Along with the various performances and activities, there will be a free dinner for anyone that comes out. Bringing Together the World will be serving a taco bar along with an Asian buffet and fortune cookies. The event is LIB 100 approved and is a part of the intercultural festival. 

The Grand River Room will be covered in elaborate decorations to suit the jungle theme of this year’s event. The night will be filled with constant live entertainment, activities and a huge dance afterwards. DJ B Wiz will keep the night buoyant with his dazzling music.

“My favorite part was that you could see cultural dances, and later join in on some traditional dancing too,” said fifth-year student Kayci Marr.

Organizations lead the cultural dances. The performance starts out with a dance by members of Bringing Together the World, but then is opened up for the audience to join.

“It’s simple steps so that audience members can pick it up immediately and dance along,” Carter said. “We want to involve each and every person that comes and create a fun atmosphere.” 

At Sexy Accent night, students will have the chance to meet and connect with many different international students. 

“I had an amazing time last year with my U.S. and international friends,” Marr said. “It was cool to experience it with both of their perspectives.”

While students jump from table to table, they see the traditions, clothing and food of different cultures. The event might even spark further interest in a specific culture. 

“We want to allow people to feel comfortable enough to join these organizations that do these cultural events,” Carter said. “If you find something you like, then you can pursue and enjoy it.”

Sexy Accent Night has grown exponentially over the years. It ultimately provides the experience of study abroad without paying a dime. Bringing Together the World encourages everyone to come out and have a good time while learning about cultures from a new perspective.