GV named top ten school for LGBT-inclusivity, out-of-state affordability

<p>Andie Bell greets poeple as they come in to the LGBT Resource Center on Tuesday, January 18, 2017. GVL / Sara Carte</p>

Andie Bell greets poeple as they come in to the LGBT Resource Center on Tuesday, January 18, 2017. GVL / Sara Carte

James Kilborn

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A recent article named Grand Valley State University as one of the top universities for LGBT-inclusion and affordability, taking the same rank as Division I schools such as University of Wisconsin and Princeton University. 

In a document published by Student Loan Hero, universities are rated based on cost of tuition from the 2017-2018 academic year as well as the Campus Pride Index, a metric that ranks LGBT-inclusivity on a five-star scale. The article separated schools into two categories: affordable in-state tuition and affordable out-of-state tuition. GVSU was rated number nine out of ten for the out-of-state affordability category, with a four-star Campus Pride Index. 

Milton Ford LGBT Resource Center Director Jen Hsu-Bishop said that the university has gone to great strides in ensuring all students have the resources needed to succeed at GVSU. Hsu-Bishop said this stems from GVSU being “proud to offer many resources” and making serving the needs of LGBT students a priority.

“Grand Valley State University is committed to creating an inclusive and equitable work and learning environment for all students, faculty and staff inclusive of the LGBTQIA+ community,” Hsu-Bishop said. 

“Our university offers many resources, policies and practices that reflect our commitment to welcoming and supporting LGBTQIA+ students, including gender-inclusive housing, non-discrimination protections on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression, as well as gender-inclusive anti-harassment policies, LGBTQIA+ inclusion education and programming, the LGBT Resource Center, the myName policy, a LGBTQIA+ mentorship program, and the LGBTQ Studies minor, just to name a few.”

Hsu-Bishop attributes the welcoming student body of GVSU and the resources the university provides for LGBT students as key in creating a successful learning environment for all students. 

“LGBTQIA+ students hold a broad range of interests, identities, skills and experiences that inform their college choice,” Hsu-Bishop said. 

“Many LGBTQIA+ students at GVSU have shared with me that feeling affirmed and included at the university allows them to be more successful personally, academically, and socially. Higher education research reflects this more broadly, as well. It’s our responsibility as a community and university to cultivate an environment where every person can reach their full potential.”

GVSU’s rating included tuition and award and scholarship data through the National Center for Education Statistics, which compares schools nationally based on a consistently updated list of criteria. This nationally-recognized ranking illustrates GVSU’s commitment to creating an effective living and learning environment coupled with relative affordability for higher education.