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How to turn $100 into $1M during college

Nick Moran, Editor-in-Chief

August 19, 2019

College really has a unique way of making your wallet feel truly empty. It’s that same magic that makes ramen noodles taste a little better and downloading textbooks feel a little less illegal. But regardless of how little...

Top 5 songs of the summer that never were

Ryan Reichard, Staff Reporter

August 19, 2019

The summer of 2019 has been rather mundane compared to other summers in terms of seasonal hits. “Old Town Road” by Lil’ Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus has sat comfortably at the top of the billboard charts for the entirety of the ...

Louie’s Tuition

Louie’s Tuition

August 18, 2019

Spare a little satanic sympathy

Nick Moran, Editor-in-Chief

July 15, 2019

Beware: Those who fear the worship of great evils dare not venture further. Those who think I’m full of it, inquire within. We, a group of four to six, huddle around a table, listening to our leader read what we all consid...

Lower Grand River dredging proposal is a bad idea

Eric Snyder

June 10, 2019

In re-reading a speech given by Luna Leopold, professor at University of California, Berkeley, entitled “Ethos, Equity and the Water Resource,” he makes the point that without a guiding principle, or ethos, for wise management, ...

Screwed if you do, screwed if you don’t

May 13, 2019

My first trip to the gynecologist was the summer before freshman year. I was tan, I was in my prized peach dress and I was all set to split off to the dorms and get — as a rough estimate — ten boyfriends (preferably all at...

Endgame brings closure to Avengers

Xavier Golden

May 13, 2019

We must be in the 43rd issue of the first volume of Marvel Comics’ “Fantastic Four,” because “Lo, There Shall Be an Ending!” (That’s the title of that issue. Also, it’s “Avengers: Endgame.” “Avengers: Endgame” is...

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