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When students choose housing or food, studies suffer

Hayley Butzer, Special to the Lanthorn

December 2, 2019

In a recent NPR interview, Kennesaw State University student Nikki Hamel spoke about her time being homeless during high school and college: “I started bouncing around at different friends’ houses. And I was like, oh, I don’t ha...

Letter to the Editor: A response to ‘Plateauing in expansion, enrollment?’

John Kilbourne, Professor of Movement Science

November 11, 2019

Editorial Note: The editorial referenced was published in the Nov. 11 issue of the Lanthorn, titled "Plateauing in expansion, enrollment?" The following letter to the editor is a response to the piece, which reflects the views...

Letter to the Editor: A place to be your full, authentic self, no matter what 

Eric-John Szczepaniak, Kelly Dowker, and Alex Murarescu

October 14, 2019

Twenty-one years ago this month, Matthew Shepard, an openly gay first-year student at the University of Wyoming, was tortured, tied to a prairie fence, and left to die. The attackers had pretended to be gay to gain Matthew’s t...

Letter to the Editor: Rising textbook prices require support of Open Educational Resources

Eric-John Szczepaniak and Autumn Mueller

October 7, 2019

College today is far more expensive than it was in decades prior. When our state college was founded, the state pitched in a much higher percentage of the overall costs. Now there is much more of a burden placed upon the indivi...

Letter to the editor: Who is harming whom?

Ivo Soljan

April 11, 2018

Editor's note: Ivo Soljan is a professor in Grand Valley State University's Department of English. The opinions expressed in this piece are Soljan's own.  This is my comment on the Lanthorn’s March 26 column “We’re ...

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