Taking advantage of winter break

Taking advantage of winter break

Kelly Smith

Holiday break is a great time of year. It is a time when people can be together with family and just enjoy each other’s company. It is a time to be festive and to give gifts to one another as a means of expressing love. For us college students, it is also a time to take an extended break from schoolwork and celebrate our (hopefully) successful semester and give us time to breathe as we approach the next semester. 

Although holiday break is one of the times many people look forward to, there are a few things I want to briefly point out.

First, be careful on break. For many people, celebration often includes alcohol. I am not telling people to never drink alcohol, but keep in mind the effects it has on you and the people around you if you perhaps have a little too much. There is also the issue of drunk driving. Be careful on or around roads, regardless of whether you are the one driving. There is no need to be paranoid, but be cautious and alert.

Although we really have not seen much snow here on campus, if you happen to have snow in your hometown, watch out for black ice and slush. Keep your speed under control and keep your eyes peeled. There is really no reason to be completely paranoid here, either, but it is best to play it safe rather than be sorry when it comes to these obstacles in the road. Many of us might not see snow, but if you do, be extra careful.

After searching through some other Lanthorn columns, I noticed that fellow columnist Bradley Schnitzer recently wrote about not taking your family for granted. He states how he is aware of many people speaking ill of certain members of their family for one reason or another, and how we should not be so disrespectful toward our family members even if we don’t like them. This got me thinking about how much support, financial and otherwise, I’ve received from my family these last few years at GVSU, and it makes me grateful to have such a supportive family. I was also reminded of times when I would complain about some of my family members. I support what he said in his article. Regardless of whether we like to be around family, we should be grateful that we have someone supporting us in our early careers, especially around this time of year.

All in all, enjoy your holiday break. Have fun, be with family and friends and have a great time. After all, that is what this holiday is for. Just remember to be smart and courteous to others. See you all next semester.