Reggae band Roots of Creation to perform in Grand Rapids

GVL / Courtesy - (Photo by: Josh Coffman)

GVL / Courtesy – (Photo by: Josh Coffman)

Arie Nienhuis

Reggae is one of those genres of music that practically everyone enjoys. Soon, West Michigan residents will be able to enjoy some reggae performed by Roots of Creation at The Stache in downtown Grand Rapids on Tuesday, April 17, at 7 p.m.

Roots of Creation is a reggae-rock band from New Hampshire. Formed in 2000, the band has recorded numerous albums and performed at countless festivals and venues. They are currently performing their most recent record, “The Grateful Dub,” on tour. The album consists entirely of Grateful Dead tracks reimagined in a reggae form. The band shared some thoughts on this record, the tour and their music.

“Two Halloweens ago, the band decided to do a set of Grateful Dead music,” said band member Andrew Riordan via email. “We’ve also had a couple (Grateful) Dead covers in our set and decided it would be fun to do a whole set of their music. Fans in both genres have a lot in common: love, community, social justice and a sense of spirituality.”

When recording this album, as well their other material, the bandmates found themselves drawing inspiration from music all across the board, particularly artists performing in their scene.

“There are all sorts of tricks and sounds that we hear from other artists, and we’re like, ‘Whoa, that would be cool, let’s try that!’” said member Tal Pearson via email. “Part of the fun is figuring out how to make those sounds sometimes. Lately, the whole band has been pretty heavily influenced by the current reggae scene in terms of sounds and vibes.”

On its current tour, the band is performing “The Grateful Dub” in its entirety. So far, the band members are incredibly happy with how fans are reacting to the material.

“The response has been fantastic,” Riordan said. “‘Deadheads’ are able to hear the song they love in a new way, while reggae fans are exposed to wonderful songs by a band they may not have delved into. The dance floors have been mixed with people getting down to heaven bass grooves while singing their hearts out.”

The band believes that anyone looking for a good, high-energy time should come to the show. In particular, the bandmates see students as the perfect crowd. 

“Everyone will love this show. It’s filled with energy, hard-hitting bass grooves, and epic solos and jams,” Riordan said. “Although we play most of the same songs every night, the jams are never the same and reflect our vibes of the day. It’s always exciting.”

Riordan also shared some advice for students and other young people trying to get into music. 

“As a former music student, the best advice I would give is make honest music,” Riordan said. “If your music doesn’t come from deep inside of you, no one will truly care.”

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