Voting on the go

GVL / Courtesy - GVSU Community Service Learning Center

Community Service Learning Cente

GVL / Courtesy – GVSU Community Service Learning Center

Hannah Lentz

As part of a statewide initiative, Secretary of State Ruth Johnson has announced that she is sending the mobile office on a tour of 18 college campuses across the state to provide an opportunity for students to register to vote.

According to the Secretary of State, the mobile office services include issuing or renewing driver licenses and special endorsements; changing a driver license address or other personal information; issuing or renewing a personal identification card; providing disability parking permits; registering people to vote; selling individual driving records; titling and registering vehicles and watercraft; and transferring titles.

With the presidential election coming up in November, this visit from the secretary of state allows students a chance to register to vote as many students are away from their hometowns without access to a voter registration in an easy and convenient way.

“It’s our right as students to vote and millennials are the lowest population to show up to vote,” said Ella Fritzemeier, student senate president. “These issues will be affecting us and we need to be sharing our opinion locally and nationally.”

In addition to the mobile SOS, student senate will be hosting student civic assembly week from Sept. 26 – Sept. 30 with the main focus being to encourage students to vote.

“We will be hosting debate watch parties to create that open dialogue that is really important to have,” Fritzemeier said. “Open dialogue about voting, the candidates and their stances on important issues is important so everyone can be informed.”

Johnson will also be on campus Sept. 27 by the Cook Carillon Tower.

During the times that the mobile office is on-campus, student senate will be volunteering and asking people to take a few moments to register to vote.

“Some students are already registered to vote, but are unsure on how or where to get absentee ballots and we are able to help them out,” Fritzemeier said.

Students interested in finding out more information can contact the Community Service Learning Center or stop by the mobile secretary of state when it is on-campus.