Down to the wire

GVL/Hannah Zajac - Students work inside the Mary Idema Pew Library on Wednesday, March 29, 2017.

Hannah Zajac

GVL/Hannah Zajac – Students work inside the Mary Idema Pew Library on Wednesday, March 29, 2017.

Destiny Jones

As the semester winds down, it is almost that time again to start preparing and studying for final exams. The pressure of wanting to do well can bring stress and overwhelming feelings, and procrastination can be a problem as well. But there are ways to deal with the stress and feel prepared, including attending a workshop dedicated to final exam prep.

The Student Academic Success Center (SASC) will host a final exam prep workshop Tuesday, April 11, from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. in the Holton-Hooker Learning and Living Center Multipurpose Room. This workshop, which will be interactive and hands-on, is open to any student who wants to come and obtain helpful studying and preparation tips.

During the workshop, Maeling Groya, an academic coach and graduate assistant at SASC, will be sharing test-taking tips and advice for answering essay questions.

“It’s very uncommon for people to be studying even a week before exams,” Groya said. “So, it gives you plenty of time to have a flexibility in your schedule.”

Groya said students should attend the workshop because it would give them a full two weeks before exams to start thinking about them.

“You’re walking out of this workshop with a two-week plan on how to study and to get your time set,” she said.

Groya will be giving students tips on how to make a study plan. As a part of the hands-on section of the workshop, students will be creating schedules to put the study tips into use.

“By participating in final exam prep, students will have the opportunity to learn valuable study skills that can help them ace their final exams,” said Candace Faistenhammer, graduate assistant for the Sophomore Academy Program.

Faistenhammer said the benefit to learning study skills is that once a student learns how to maximize the time they spend studying, they can utilize these tips and tricks forever.

Groya said after a student has made a study plan one time, they can adjust and modify it to any class they have. This can also be applied to any paper or essay they might write.

“What I think people will take away from it is how to start doing this stuff on their own,” Groya said.

This is one of several events held by SASC on campus. SASC aims to help students succeed in their education by offering tutoring and academic support and advising.

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