Fighting the winter blues

Fighting the winter blues

Jake Keeley

If you asked me to rank the states 1-50, Michigan tops my list every single time. Few states can parade all the features that the Mitten State has.

How anyone would not want to live here is beyond me, yet I still see the same people complaining on my Twitter feed from November through March. They’re “moving south” after this year.

The way I see it, after high school you are no longer legally allowed to blame your parents for your location on this earth. If you “can’t wait to move out,” then do it. Otherwise, you picked to be here, so you might as well enjoy this wonderful weather that comes along every year.

Just remember, it wasn’t so long ago you were flushing ice cubes down the toilet hoping for snow deep enough to cancel school. Don’t get me wrong, I get it, nobody volunteers to trudge through several inches of unplowed snow, but there are too many ways to enjoy winter than to just sit inside and wait it out.

Those into winter sports can find their pleasure in snowboarding and skiing. If you’re interested in trying it out, Cannonsburg offers lift tickets, rentals and beginner lesson packages for just $25 on Sunday nights. Personally, my eighth grade basketball coach once told me “If it doesn’t have a ball don’t play it,” so while that’s not my style, I envy those who do it.

Now, if you’re talking sledding, that’s an entirely different story. You can’t get me off a saucer.

Are you similar to me and don’t consider yourself much of a rider? Perhaps snowshoeing might be your thing. There is quite a different landscape to see when the snow falls. Staying on top of the snow might provide a better vantage point than sinking six inches.

Better yet, you can get snowshoes through the outdoor activity center and join them for a brisk walk on Fridays. Still not piquing your interest? You might want to try ice fishing. All you need is an ice auger, a pole, a couple of lures and a pint of blackberry brandy – a thermos of hot chocolate will do equally as well – in order to keep yourself warm.

Drilling holes doesn’t appeal to you, but the ice does? Try dangling your way on to the top 10 during a nice pond hockey game. While you’re at it, tweet Sports Center anchor, and pond hockey enthusiast, John Buccigross. You might get a retweet.

Lastly, there is nothing wrong with a clean, old-fashioned snow ball fight. Actually, there is nothing wrong with ganging up on your least-suspecting friend either. They’ll get over it soon enough, don’t worry.

While it appears that winter is here to stay in West Michigan, as it has since the beginning of time, you might as well make the most, or at least something of it.

Besides, there is nothing more rewarding than a nice cup of cocoa after a long, cold day in the snow. Don’t worry. Netflix won’t watch without you. Grey’s Anatomy will still be there by the time you get back.