DO NOT PUBLISH The unpleasantries of abortion

Kelly Smith

Headline: The unpleasantries of

By: Kelly Smith

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I was extremely hesitant about writing about this topic because I sense I might get a lot of hate, but it’s something I feel needs to be said. First, let me make it clear that I am pro-life and have never agreed with abortion. Why not? The answer is found in the question: what does this mean for the unborn baby?

I’ve seen pro-choice ads that talk about 77 percent of anti-abortionists being men and how 100 percent of men can’t become pregnant. I’ve seen other ads that basically all promote the same message in different words: her body, her choice. After all, this is a free country. There aren’t any laws that forbid us from eating all the ice cream we want. But is that good for us?

To be honest, I often find myself confused as to the exact reason why people consider abortion other than they don’t want the baby. In other words, from only a psychological viewpoint, if a woman becomes pregnant but doesn’t want to have the baby, why is abortion an often considered option? I’m genuinely curious. Does the baby have to be born in order for it to be considered a human? The instant fertilization happens, the baby begins to grow in the womb. In a way, it’s already living. So, how would ending its life in the womb be different than doing so out of the womb?

Probably the biggest rebuttal I would anticipate receiving is if pregnancy happens due to rape. I completely understand and sympathize with such situations. Just imagine a woman minding her own business when the unspeakable happens and now she is pregnant. The agony and utter disbelief she will feel is completely reasonable. I don’t deny any of that. However, consented or not, pregnancy still involves new life forming inside the womb. As I once read on a Christian website, does an unwanted child really need to pay for the evil acts of its biological father?

Even if you’re not a spiritual person, think about it. This unborn child, if born and properly raised, might become someone who devotes their life to helping others in some way. Do you have similar hopes? Keep in mind you were once in the womb and in the hands of what your mother decided. If we agree that no one deserves to be persecuted for being different, why should only wanted babies be allowed to experience life? I’m sure many people have seen or heard of women who regret their abortion after having it.

I’m no preacher, nor am I perfect. As I said before, I realize that we live in a free country. I have no right to demand that women not have an abortion. All I wanted to make clear here is that there is much more to abortion than simply whether or not a woman should have rights over her own body. Just please keep these thoughts in mind the next time the topic arises. After all, it’s not just the woman’s body at stake.