Seven thoughts that run through every GVSU student’s mind

Shae Slaughter

1. Is it even possible to make it from Lake Huron Hall to Mackinac Hall in 10 minutes?

Well, yes, depending on the flow of traffic, the temperature outside, the stages of the moon and your zodiac sign. Just kidding; it really just depends on if you want to run. I’ve had back-to-back classes in those buildings, and I had to “Usain Bolt” it every single day. If you unknowingly put that on your schedule, you might want to add some running shoes to your school supply list.

2. Why do all of the Great Lakes buildings look identical? Am I even in the right one?

From my experience, no, you probably aren’t in the right one. One of Grand Valley State University’s crowning achievements is staying true to Michigan. We have plenty of buildings named after Michigan cities, landmarks and families, which is great. That being said, naming a handful of buildings right next to one another after the Great Lakes and making them identical is a little bit confusing. I have walked laps around Lake Huron Hall meaning to be in Lake Michigan Hall, and so on. My advice: Proceed with caution. There is very little logic to the setup, so handle it to the best of your ability.

3. Why is Mackinac Hall constructed like a maze?

The first class I had at GVSU was in Mackinac Hall, the one and only building that could double as a maze. The building’s sections don’t go in alphabetical order; the second floor connects everywhere, but the first floor doesn’t; and some rooms have no windows. No thanks. If you have your classes scheduled in Mackinac Hall, I would highly suggest finding them before classes actually begin. Otherwise, you’re going to end up sitting by a vending machine sad and very confused.

4. Wait, that bridge was there the whole time?

The most important lesson to learn while at GVSU is not how to become an adult, nor is it how to be proficient in your major: It’s the one about Little Mac Bridge, the bridge that connects one end of campus to the other. I didn’t know it existed for one day, and that was one day too long. Trust me, the bridge is a lifesaver, and it is conveniently located behind the Seymour and Esther Padnos
Hall of Science but adjacent to Au Sable Hall.

5. Will the line at Panda Express always be this long?

Listen up, if you’ve chosen some delicious Chinese food as your next meal, you’re going to have to wait. The line isn’t always atrocious, but in-between normal class times, it sure is. Try to hop in line right before other people’s classes start or right before they end. You’ll save yourself time in line and the disappointment of seeing an empty orange chicken dish when you get up to the front.

6. Do we actually have to give a fun fact about ourselves?

Ah, yes, the dreaded first day of class. Let’s be honest, finding the right seat is plenty of pressure to start. That seat will be your unofficial assigned seat for the rest of the semester. After you pick out that seat, you’re supposed to come up with a fun fact? That’s just too much. Personally, my mind goes blank and I become the most average person in the world when I’m asked that question. My go-to answer is “I really like ice cream.” Is that super fun? No. Does anyone care? No. Props to mint chocolate chip.

7. How am I supposed to dress when it’s 52 degrees when I wake up and 79 when I get out of class?

Welcome to Michigan, friends. It’s never a good sign when I use the heat in my car in the morning and my air at night. Bring layers because you will regret it otherwise. Classes can be hard to sit through, but they’re far worse when you’re sweating buckets or growing goosebumps bigger than Louie the Laker.