Grand Rapids mayor declares Nov. 21 “Bob Seger Day”

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Arie Nienhuis

In the world of classic rock, few Michigan musicians hold the same fame and regard as Bob Seger. Hailing from Detroit, Seger has led an illustrious career, entertaining millions of fans around the world. Seger, through the Detroit Free Press, said “you can’t cheat Father Time forever” and announced that his most recent tour will be his last.

Seger, who is in the midst of said tour, still stands as one of the most iconic rock musicians to come out of Michigan. His distinct ties to his hometown Detroit and the State of Michigan as a whole are highly prevalent in his music, so it makes perfect sense that he began his final trip around the country in Grand Rapids on Nov. 21.

Seger has been known to have a passion for Grand Rapids, describing the city as “home,” and reminiscing on times where he was “able to drive home” to Detroit after shows in Grand Rapids. In an interview with Local Spins, Seger said he has “built up so much good will” in the city, and that “the good will has paid off.”

To celebrate Seger’s legacy and cement his name into Grand Rapids history, Mayor Rosalynn Bliss took time to give the musician his own holiday in the city. On Nov. 14, Mayor Bliss officially declared Nov. 21 “Bob Seger Day.” 

“Bob has etched a permanent place in rock history, selling over 53 million albums, (and) earning several GRAMMY nominations,” Bliss said in her official proclamation. “Bob has and continues to shine as a genuine, honest, passionate and uplifting representative of the state of Michigan and all of its citizens.”

On the day itself, numerous decorations and temporary changes to iconic Grand Rapids landmarks helped celebrate Seger’s legacy. Fulton Street was changed to “Mainstreet” for the day, paying homage to the classic song from Seger’s album “Night Moves.” Also, the popular bar and restaurant space The B.O.B. was renamed “The Bob Seger” for the day. 

A “thank you” banner signed by Bliss and dozens of Seger fans was hung at Van Andel Arena, where the show was held. Seger and his band, the Silver Bullet Band, played a rousing set to an enormous crowd of fans, performing classics such as “Old Time Rock and Roll” and “Against the Wind.”

Even though Bob Seger’s touring career may be coming to an end, fans can rejoice that his name has been permanently etched into Grand Rapids history. Seger will be returning to Grand Rapids for another show on Jan. 5, 2019.