Letter to the Editor: VanAntwerpen column offensive to anime lovers

Why exactly did he pick World of Warcraft anyway? What about guys who play Modern Warfare all the time? It doesn’t even suggest the girl is obsessed with the game, just that she plays it and the guy will never compare. Why? That’s not funny. Do girl gamers not deserve the chance for a relationship because they game? Sounds like a double standard in the works to me.

Alcoholism is one I saw as more of advice rather than a joke. It seemed just as out of place as the others but I didn’t see the point. Do men need to stay away from girls who drink? What about guys who get super drunk and party? Is that OK? What if a party guy wants a party girl? Is this not possible? I just don’t understand what was meant by this.

FaceBook pages for Pets was amusing only because I know people who do this, but all of them have good relationships and are fairly stable. This was also very short and only said to run but never explained why. Maybe to save on space for other pointless ramblings?

Anime is the second of the offenses and it is again for the reasons above. He could have put any TV show or movie genre or even some other activity but he wrote about Anime. I get that he seems to not like it, and that’s OK, but to suggest that people shouldn’t date girls who like anime is beyond ignorant. Why do they not get a second date? Cause they like something? This isn’t funny, it offends a lot of people and even if it was meant as a joke it reeks of too much personal bias to even be a good joke.

Panel Vans made me laugh but it seems very out of place.

Constant Talk about the ex was another that seemed like more of an advice column than a joke of any kind. But what struck me as odd and confusing was why the relationship could only go 2 ways, either with heart break or stalking. There is no other option? What about the girls who get help and don’t be obsessive and have good healthy relationships? Are all men supposed to run and shun women who have been hurt in the past or cling to the past instead of being there for them? Do we just ignore them because either we get hurt or they get clingy? Why is only the guy side being factored in anyway? Parts of the description seem to be joking with references to shrine building and satellite surveillance but it is still not funny.

In summary this just wasn’t anything I enjoyed reading or ever want to read again. It seems that every week I find some new reason to stop picking up the Lanthorn, but I was never expecting to read something that would insult so many of my friends and even my own wife. I don’t think I will be reading any more issues because of this. There is still a chance I will, but more likely not if this kind of thing is allowed to be printed.


Proudly married to a Anime Loving Gamer girl who loves her pets.