DPS video explains

DPS video explains

Chelsea Lane

A new informational film, “Shots Fired,” is now available on the Grand Valley State University Department of Public Safety website. “Shots Fired,” which details what students should do in the event of a school shooting or other violent incident, was made by the Center for Personal Protect and Safety and is geared from a student perspective.

“Not only does this (film) help students become alert and aware on a college campus, but it can also be applied to settings outside (of the campus) as well,” said Capt. Brandon DeHaan, assistant director of DPS. “…We put this video out because we want our students to be aware. This is another tool for them to be alert about what is going on around them.”

The film was not made available in response to a specific threat, but rather, is part of a broader awareness program set up by the university after the 2007 shootings at Virginia Tech University. Other colleges across the country, including Central Michigan University, utilize the “Shots Fired” video in similar programs.

“Shots Fired” is approximately 30 minutes long and is available for viewing at www.gvsu.edu/publicsafety under the “Community Policing & Awareness Programs” tab. Users must have Quicktime installed in order to watch the video.

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