Student organizations offer vital experience for future careers


Created by Max Geldhof

Lanthorn Editorial Board

As the upcoming school year draws near, over 25,000 students will be making their way to Grand Valley State University with the excitement that a new year brings. The once quiet campus of summer will now be filled with the familiar hustle and bustle as students return to their classes, clubs and organizations

GVSU is home to over 400 registered student organizations that spans from the Archeological Society to Yoga Club. These organizations help give students a way to be a part of the university in new and different ways. Every organization fulfills a unique role among campus life which continues to make the university thrive.

Many of these organizations also helps give student members a sense of self-worth as they take part in initiatives that help not only Grand Valley but many other communities as well. Habitat for Humanity assists in the fundraising and physical building of homes throughout Kent County to provide housing for those in need. 

Every student organization has its own way of giving back. Greek life makes up a large portion of student organizations with various chapters. Each chapter has its own values that coincide with a charity or foundation that members work closely with to bring awareness to. For example, the sorority Delta Zeta partners with the Starkey Hearing Foundation—a fundraiser that gives hearing-impaired children devices.

Students arriving on campus oftentimes have trouble finding friends with similar interests as them, especially if they are into niche topic, like acapella or beekeeping. Fortunately, there are clubs for those too, allowing just about everybody to find anybody for anything.

In addition, these organizations give students more opportunities for networking, personal growth and the possibility to take on leadership roles. The skills and experiences students obtain from these clubs can also benefit them even once they have graduated. 

In today’s education system, beyond the stress of school, students are realizing that they must set themselves apart from other graduates upon entering the workforce. Future employers are looking further into a student’s experiences and abilities that come from outside a classroom; a degree simply isn’t always enough. 

This is just one reason why students should look into how these organizations can benefit not only themselves but their future careers. Grand Valley’s organizations help students find where they belong and establish themselves in the university while also working towards a common goal. These organizations have a world of possibilities thanks to the student life fund which allows them to hold events, fundraise and organize trips. 

Being a part of a club or group ensures students are getting the most out of their college experience. According to Grand Valley’s student org website: “The most successful students are those who spend the 70 percent outside of the classroom wisely.” 

With 400 clubs to choose from students are able to shop around at each semesters Campus Life Night to find the group that is right for them. Even with all of the clubs Grand Valley offers, a student can still begin their own club if they can’t find one that’s right for them.