‘The Voice’ contestant Jordy Searcy performs at GV

Courtesy / Montgomery Advertiser

Courtesy / Montgomery Advertiser

Arie Nienhuis

No matter the time of year, Grand Valley State University is constantly hosting a variety of events that are free for anyone to attend and enjoy. In particular, live music is everywhere at GVSU and concert plans are always in the works. To beat the winter blues, GVSU hosted guitarist and singer-songwriter Jordy Searcy, who played at a coffee house-themed event in Kirkhof Center.

Searcy is currently touring his most recent album, “Dark in the City.” Hailing from Nashville, Tenn., he has been playing and writing music for years, and even competed on “The Voice” in 2014. Searcy shared some of his personal and musical influences, as well as a look into his creative process.

“The top three influences for me would be The Beatles, John Mayer and a singer-songwriter named Jon Foreman that I really love,” Searcy said. “As far as what I’m listening to right now, I really just love great writers. A lot of hip-hop too, like Chance the Rapper and Kendrick Lamar.”

Searcy also cites his family as an enormous influence and source of encouragement in his life. In terms of his creative process, he takes an exploratory path with plenty of experimentation and practice writing.

“When you’re making anything, your ratio of what you make that you like to what you don’t like is pretty big, so I have to write a lot of songs to find something I’m happy with,” Searcy said. “Writing every day, trying different instruments and trying out different production techniques is how you get music that you like.”

Searcy plays about 12 shows per month around the country, but always finds time to return home to work on music and stay connected to his friends and family. Usually performing for a college-aged audience, Searcy was able to connect with the GVSU crowd well and invoke a great sense of humor and charisma during his Jan. 23 performance. 

The concert itself was a deeply varied performance of both Searcy’s original material and a number of covers from artists like Leon Bridges, Michael Jackson and Kanye West. Combining passionate singing, creative use of loops and percussion from his friend and tour manager Scooter Spicer, Searcy was able to put on a beautifully engaging and personal show. 

“Persistence is the thing that brings you most success,” Searcy said. “It’s not exactly waiting for one big break or one opportunity or one song. Working hard to make a record on your own and scaling everything up is the key to success.”

Jordy Searcy’s music can be found on all popular streaming platforms and you can support him directly through his website.