LGBT Resource Center hosts annual Lavender Graduation

Courtesy Photo / GVSU News & Information

Students are honored during last years Lavender Graduation.

Courtesy photo

Courtesy Photo / GVSU News & Information Students are honored during last year’s Lavender Graduation.

Kari Norton

Grand Valley State University’s LGBT Resource Center will celebrate its eighth Lavender Graduation on April 17 at 4 p.m. in the Kirkhof Center’s Pere Marquette.

The evening will begin with welcome remarks and a keynote address from a graduating senior.

“The mission of Lavender Graduation is to celebrate the personal and academic achievements of our students and recognizing their contributions to our campus,” said Program Coordinator Carrie Christian.

Graduates that participate will be recognized, receive a gift and get to enjoy a reception with hors d’oeuvres and music.

“Lavender Graduation is a cultural celebration that recognizes LGBTA students’ contributions to the university and acknowledges their achievements during their college experience,” Christian said. “Students are officially recognized by the institution for their leadership, success and achievement.”

The event began at the University of Michigan in 1995 to honor LGBT students for their accomplishments. The university’s resource center director at the time believe that LGBT students, like other minority groups, needed their own ceremony and the event has since expanded to campuses across the country.

Students who would like to be recognized at the graduation should sign up at
[email protected]