Seasonal jobs offer extra income for students

GVL / Eric Coulter
Collin DeHaan and Josh Shroedter clean up clippings from the Connection

Eric Coulter

GVL / Eric Coulter Collin DeHaan and Josh Shroedter clean up clippings from the Connection

Rachel Cross

Many college students are urged to find more income on holiday breaks, giving them a chance to gain some extra cash when they’re not taking a full class load.

Grand Valley State University’s student employment office assists students in the process of finding these seasonal jobs. The main resource the office offers to students is the job board on GVSU’s website, which is an online database where students can search for on and off-campus jobs.

Luis Lozano, assistant director at the student employment office, said the job board covers part-time jobs within the Grand Rapids perimeter which students can drive to in 45 minutes or less.

“The student employment office is very successful in terms of finding seasonal jobs, especially during the summer months,” Lozano said. “Also, if a student is looking to find a job in the U.P., we can help them connect with resources in that area, as well.”

Lozano said that during the school year, students with on-campus jobs are limited to work only 25 hours a week when enrolled in classes, but during breaks students can work up to 40 hours per week.

“We advertise the community itself, as well as Grandville, Muskegon and Holland,” Lozano said. “In mid-March, we host a summer job fair on campus with an average of 35 organizations. This gives companies the opportunity to meet students on campus.”

Samuel Schulz, GVSU senior, is a driver helper at the United Parcel Service in Grand Rapids in the winter from Thanksgiving until Christmas, where he rides along with the UPS driver and helps make deliveries to households.

Schulz said his seasonal job starts before the semester ends, and during this time, he picks up another 20 to 30 hours per week on top of school.

“I would definitely recommend (seasonal jobs) to college students because it can open up different opportunities,” Schulz said. “Also, a seasonal job is only just a month or so, and that’s it. It’s a way for earning some extra money for the holiday time.”

Lozano offered a few pieces of advice for students seeking seasonal employment.

“Advice I have to students looking for a seasonal job to make them more marketable is to first access the job board,” Lozano said. “In addition, follow the application instructions very closely, if one mistake is made an employer won’t take a second look. Also, do follow up calls and send them your resume, this is an extra proactive approach to employers.”

For more information on obtaining a seasonal job, call the Student Employment Office at (616) 331-3238.

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