Rick Snyder to answer questions at the Wealthy Theater Tuesday

Courtesy Photo / rickformichigan.com
Rick Snyder

Courtesy Photo / rickformichigan.com Rick Snyder

Elijah Brumback

Michigan’s tough nerd gubernatorial candidate, Rick Snyder, is scheduled to answer the public’s questions at the Wealthy Theater Tuesday.

The engagement is sponsored by the Michigan State Housing Development Authority and produced by Rapid Growth Media.

For students interested in November’s election, the chance to ask a candidate questions is something that should be taken advantage of, said Tedd Busch, a campaign coordinator for Bill Huizenga, who is running in Michigan’s second congressional district.

“Candidates at any level often have to be relentless in making public appearances,” he said. “This kind of speaking engagement is absolutely invaluable for both the candidate and the public. Traditionally West Michigan is a conservative-leaning region and it wouldn’t surprise me if Snyder is well received, though I think it might be interesting to see what he has to say in reaction to some of the socially progressive issues.”

So far the Grand Rapids Press and the Detroit News have run editorials endorsing Snyder for governor, though both Jeff Hill, publisher of Rapid Growth Media, and Tommy Allen, lifestyle editor for G-Sync, who will serve as mediators for the event, have said this is neither an endorsement nor pro-Rick Snyder rally. Both groups are intent on providing an opportunity for Grand Rapids citizens to hear from the potential candidate on where he stands on issues important to Grand Rapids before casting a vote in November.

According to Snyder’s website, www.rickformichigan.com, Michigan does not just need to be fixed but reinvented. The website outlines a 10-point plan that includes creating jobs, reforming the tax system and creating an environment that keeps Michigan youth in Michigan as its future. It has many claims to Snyder’s viability as a potential governor, all of which are encouraged to be questioned at Tuesday’s engagement.

One issue central to this election is Michigan’s current unemployment rate, which stands at 13.1 percent according the Bureau of Labor Statistics, second in the country behind Neveda at 14.4 percent.

“Snyder has used a lot of his advertising campaign to address creating jobs and revamping the economy of the state,” Busch said. “It’s smart to really attack this, but it seems fairly one-dimensional. Hopefully the questions get away from this so people can understand him in a broader sense, not just the nerd persona he’s been running with.”

Hill said GVSU students should definitely come to Tuesday’s forum for a fun, yet serious look at a potential governor.

GVSU junior and economics major Patrick Stegeman said this is a great opportunity for students who are unfamiliar with this year’s gubernatorial race.

“It’s shame, but I don’t think many students could tell you who the candidates are for this election,” he said. “I don’t think they realize how close the election is and I haven’t really seen a lot of interest or information on campus about Snyder or (Virg) Bernero.”

Questions are currently being gathered through social media and the Rapid Growth Media website at www.rapidgrowthmedia.com.

Admission is free and doors open at 5 p.m.

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