Library, IT measure campus technology needs

GVL/Jessica Hollenbeck

Photo Illustration

GVL/Jessica Hollenbeck Photo Illustration

Lizzy Balboa

Grand Valley State University’s library and Information Technology staff are teaming up to survey university community members to better understand what technological services are and are not needed.

“The kinds of questions that we’re asking are about technology-related services that the campus provides like Blackboard and email and the various resources that the library provides like library databases,” said Carlos Rodriguez, associate dean of Technology and Information Services at GVSU.

Three different surveys were sent out to students, faculty and staff last week to request opinions about the different technology available in the library and online, as well as the educational services offered to assist with research and development of technical skills.

The survey is a follow-up to last year’s library survey, on which many people acknowledged technological needs. The past survey was more focused on the physical building and collections of the library, but this survey is more specific to technology.

“We’re interested in learning how often they use it, whether (certain technologies) are important and how satisfied they are with these services,” Rodriguez said. They are also researching whether people are even aware of some services.

Rodriguez said the library is in the process of following through with updates spurred by results of the last survey. Many of the suggested changes — like additional electrical outlets, computers and workspaces — will be implemented in the new Mary Idema Pew library. Information regarding those changes will be available on the library website in the upcoming weeks.

Depending on the results of this year’s survey and what can be done in the new library, technology will be updated accordingly, Rodriguez said, adding that the university will continue to measure the needs of the community on a regular basis.

Members of the community who did not receive the survey but would like to contribute their opinions on technological needs can send their requests to [email protected]
[email protected]