GV is right to emphasize other priorities over tougher admissions standards

Students come to Grand Valley State University from different ends of the academic spectrum, but for most Lakers, the university’s accessibility was a key factor in its appeal.

As GVSU’s size has grown rapidly — it has seen the fastest growth in recent years of any of Michigan’s 15 public universities — some have called upon the university to make its admission standards more rigorous, but administrators have been correct in their choice to resist that urge.

GVSU’s admissions guidelines contain enough flexibility to bring in students from a diverse range of academic interests, backgrounds and achievement levels, while generous scholarships coupled with a reasonable price tag entice students that would be accepted to some of the state’s more prestigious universities. Unlike schools like the University of Michigan or Michigan State, not every student at GVSU soared to spectacular heights in high school, and that’s ok.

Students at GVSU aren’t hindered by the university’s lack of flash — if anything, students that may have been overlooked at a big-name school get chances to excel here they might otherwise have missed. For better or for worse, we belong to a university that accepts most and encourages all, and to suddenly switch gears to be more like the state’s top research schools would be to turn our backs on GVSU’s identity.

Besides, as a university smack in the middle of a state where universities and colleges have the highest net costs in the country, GVSU has bigger fish to fry. It’s not about who gets into a university, it’s about what they do once they make it there.