This week to celebrate women’s empowerment

GVL / Eric Coulter
Junior Devon Cross and Seniors Brittani Hudson and Brittant Lovin hand  flyers for Womens Empowerment Week.

Eric Coulter

GVL / Eric Coulter Junior Devon Cross and Seniors Brittani Hudson and Brittant Lovin hand flyers for Women’s Empowerment Week.

Kendal Pektas

Ladies, gather ‘round — Grand Valley State University is about to celebrate all of you.

The Panhellenic Council, Women’s Center, Office of Multicultural Affairs, National-Pan-Hellenic Council and Multicultural Greek Council are making Women’s Empowerment Week happen, beginning today and ending on Saturday. The purpose of this week-long celebration is to encourage women to be strong and confident leaders. The organizations behind the event are striving to tell women they can achieve greatness and success.

“There is a need on campus for women to celebrate being strong,” said Jenny Lopez, adviser for the Greek Life Council. “We are in a point in society where women are taking control, and women are here to stay.”

The idea for Women’s Empowerment Week emerged last semester when the Panhellenic Council was looking for different methods of showing support and encouraging leadership in women at GVSU. The celebration is to promote self-esteem in women and encourage them to love themselves. Different events will take place every night throughout this week.

“This entire week is meant to be educational and empowering,” said Simonne Horman, president of the Panhellenic Council. “We are trying to show GVSU women that they have the power to be stronger women.”

Although it is not a national movement, Women’s Empowerment Week is full of enriching speakers and presentations that will teach females how they can be strong, empowered women in today’s age. It also demonstrates the struggles other prominent women have dealt with and shows they have come out on top. The events include presentations about empowering women through character, art performances and healthy lifestyle and eating habits. Tables will also be set up in the Kirkhof Center, where T-shirts with the word “beautiful” printed on them backwards will be available for purchase. The shirts are meant to be reminders to women when they look in the mirror.

“I strongly believe that every woman should have an equal right to lead,” said senior Brittani Hudson, who also serves as the vice president of public relations on the executive board for the Panhellenic Council. “I also believe that everyone is beautiful in their own way and nobody should be able to tell them differently.”

Despite the fact that the main focus of Women’s Empowerment Week is on females, males are also encouraged to attend.

“I think it is going to open men’s eyes to a different aspect of women that they do not usually see,” Lopez said. “Women leaders are not going anywhere.”

Everyone is welcome, and all events are free to attend.

“Students should attend Women’s Empowerment Week because each day offers different topics that may be relevant to a specific student,” Hudson said. “It is also a great opportunity to meet people.”

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