News Briefs 1/21

Nick Moran

GVPD addresses closings, cancellations and inclement weather

Grand Valley Police reminds commuters to put safety first and not risk driving to campus if the conditions are hazardous, even if your classes are not cancelled.

“It says right in our cancellations and closing policy: We never want to ask students, faculty or staff to endanger themselves to make it to campus. If you are not safe from where you are, don’t put yourself at risk. If it’s not safe, don’t do it,” said GVPD Captain Jeff Stoll.

Though it may not be safe for certain commuters to drive to class, that doesn’t always mean GVSU will close.

“The decision to close campus is a collective decision based upon various factors. You’re making a decision for over 25,000 people, so not everyone is going to benefit from the closing per se, but we coordinate with the security at the downtown GVSU facilities, Kent County and Ottawa County police to provide information about conditions, as well as utilizing social media to see national weather alerts in real time and make the decision as soon as possible,” Stoll said.

GVPD clarified that there is a difference between cancellations and closings. If classes are cancelled, staff should still be on campus. If GVSU is closed, only essential staff needs to report. The cancellation and closing policy can be found on GVSU’s website under the “policies” tab.

President Thomas Haas offers university support following government shutdown

In an email addressed to all students, Grand Valley State University President Thomas Haas told students that due to the government shutdown, some families may not be receiving paychecks on time and some students may have difficulty verifying information for financial aid forms. Regardless of the reason, Haas assured the the student body that GVSU was there to help.

Haas said that students struggling to make payments due to the shutdown should contact the financial aid office or the student accounts office. 

For students worried about Pell Grants or federal loans, Haas said that GVSU fronts the funds and is reimbursed. As of the email being sent, all issues have been resolved for each necessary case.

Haas also made clear that the scope of GVSU’s ability to support students affected by the shutdown isn’t limited, and that if students need assistance of any kind, they should reach out.

Excellence in Leadership Award names Lisa Haynes first recipient

The first recipient of the Gayle R Davis Excellence in Leadership Award wa Assistant Vice President of Facilities Services Grand Rapids and Regional Centers Lisa Haynes. Haynes received her award on Jan. 16, which included a plaque and check for $1,000. 

The award was presented by both President Thomas Haas and former Provost Gayle Davis, who the award was dedicated to.

Haynes was given the award for being an agent of change, especially due to her role in university transportation and parking.