As a new semester heats up, so may classroom romances

Emily Eaton, Columnist

Your first college class crush is special, distinctive from the rest. His curly hair and that crooked smile that barely shows (because he’s so disinterested in the entire learning aspect of college) is hypnotizing. In this case, you don’t need him to be interested in education. 

No, a classroom crush is for dreaming about when you can no longer stand listening to your professor’s lecture. His goals, as of currently, are of little importance.  But lately, I couldn’t help but wonder, should I finally take action on a classroom crush? Or should I file him away with the folders of all the others I’ve managed to find, yet never pursue?

My first class crush was in everyone’s favorite class, BIO 120. He was unquestionably gorgeous, and he may be why I needed a tutor. 

To no one’s surprise, I see him nearly every weekend, consistently with a different girl. I still stare at him hoping he’ll show any sign of recognition, but to no avail. 

My second one was more artsy, and had little to no interest in me at all. He had a nose ring and wore black skinny jeans, and we rode the bus together after class. 

We didn’t sit by each other, or even acknowledge each other’s existence. I swear to you, there was chemistry there. I’m sure he felt it too. 

The third sat directly behind me. He listened to his headphones way too loud and never participated, so naturally, I was intrigued. I never spoke to him either, except when I would pass the attendance sheet backwards. 

Right now, I have my eyes set on Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome. He’s in my writing class, and he writes flawlessly — and also shows no interest in me. I’m mad for the chase. 

We were partners and had to read each other’s work. When I tried to tell him I appreciated his, I blushed, stuttered on one of the sentences that I had just read, and then managed to stutter the phrase “Oh my gosh, I keep stuttering.” 

Next class, I’m determined to ask him for his email, simply because it’s just about the only mechanism I haven’t tried.

It’s unbelievable how quickly my standards for men change when I have no choice but to be around them for fifteen weeks. I catch myself gawking at men I’d never consider before. 

I start thinking that maybe the gold chain necklaces are growing on me. Maybe their phones really are that interesting. And maybe, just maybe, their shirts are actually right — Saturdays are for the boys. 

Don’t dismiss desire if there’s no reciprocated love from one classroom crush. Although embarrassing, you’ll only see them, on average, two times a week for the next fifteen weeks. Or maybe every weekend. Or maybe on the bus. 

But luckily, when the classes change, the feelings do too. You can move on from any romantic dream, even if the chemistry (one-sided or not) really was there. The next one’s just a semester away.