Classical Guitar Recital exemplifies GVSU talent

Ava Ostach, Staff Reporter

Students performed a classical guitar recital Nov. 15 in the Haas Center for Performing Arts. The recital featured students from the guitar studio, allowing for the exemplification of a wide variety of talent at Grand Valley State University.

Put on by the Department of Music, Theatre, and Dance, a plethora of talent was displayed from a selection of guitar music. In this recital, each student performed at least one piece of music, either solo or as a part of an ensemble. This recital is put on at least once a semester in order to showcase pieces of music that the students have been working on throughout the semester.

A lot of students may not be aware of the guitar studio on campus. Because of that, the guitar recital provided a great way for students to display music performed by fellow students.

The recital featured a different type of instrument to perform classical music with according to Maxwell Okros, a student that performed on Friday night.

“Guitar for me is a way to express what words cannot,” said Okros. “Spoken language is very limited in its ability to communicate emotion. Guitar is a very intimate instrument compared to your typical band or orchestra instrument. It is much quieter but it also has the ability to play multiple voices, much like a piano.  As a result, we often play for smaller audiences and our performances are much more personal.”

Being able to play the guitar has made a deep impact on each of the performers, such as Okros and guitarist Hanna Benedek.

“I have been playing guitar since I was four years old, so it’s always been a big part of my life,” Benedek said.  “Not only has practicing guitar helped me become a better musician, but it has taught me discipline, responsibly, confidence and helped me learn time management skills too. Learning to play an instrument has taught me the importance of being able to collaborate with others and work as a team.”

While Benedek said guitar has helped her grow as a person, it’s also given her a community she can feel comfortable with.

“I love being part of the music community (because) it is such a great group of supportive and passionate people,” Benedek said. “I think that music is something that everyone can connect with as it is almost like a universal language.”

These students want to make it a point to exhibit their talent and inspire others to make music.

“I guess I’d just want people to be inspired to make music,” said guitarist Benjamin Ferrell. “That’s why I go to concerts.”

The recital was a great way to not only expose students to the guitar studio on campus, but to show the talent of the students involved as well.