CAB prepares for first Presidents’ Ball of decade


Courtesy / Campus Activities Board

Katherine Arnold, Staff Reporter

On Jan. 31, this year’s Presidents’ Ball will be held in downtown Grand Rapids for those studying or working at Grand Valley State University to attend. For the ball’s return, Campus Activities Board (CAB), Student Senate and the Office of Student Life are teaming up to make it the best one yet, with convenient new additions to make the trip downtown even better.

“One thing that I like about this event is that it brings together not just students, but also faculty and staff,” said CAB President Jess Fillmore. “A lot of our events are typically targeted to one or two of those groups, while this one is truly a community event in all meanings of the word by including all three.”

The 2020 theme will be “A Grand New Era,” in celebration of both the new decade and President Philomena Mantella’s first Presidents’ Ball. The dinner will feature awards, musical performances and an all-around celebration of GVSU and what it means to be a Laker. Like past years, the dance will have a DJ present, with candy, snacks and other activities to make the night one to remember. After the cancellation of last year’s ball, Fillmore plans to make this year a grand showcase of fun and excitement for all of the students who haven’t been able to experience the ball before.

“It’s a great opportunity to get downtown for the students who don’t typically have the opportunity to head downtown,” Fillmore said. “And of course, it is simply a lot of fun to get dressed up, have a night out and to celebrate Grand Valley.”

For students worried about parking, there will be a direct shuttle between Kirkhof and the DeVos Center all the way until 1 a.m. It is also encouraged that students take the shuttle in order to avoid long security lines at the door. By having security check-ins for the shuttles (complete with wristbands), everyone who utilizes them will be able to immediately enter the ballrooms upon arrival downtown.

Dress code for the event can best be described as a “college prom.” While full gowns and tuxedos aren’t required, attendees are welcome to wear a variety of dress wear from semi-formal to fully decked out.

For those who still haven’t purchased tickets, it’s not too late. Tickets for the dinner, dance or both are still available on the student life website. If you have any questions, direct them to CAB at [email protected].