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Archeological Society “digs up” excitement

GVL | Adam Slakes

The Archeological Society is a student organization at Grand Valley State University that hopes to bring together students who share an interest in archeology, the study of history through artifacts and physical remains. The Archeological Society also strives to raise awareness and educate students about the archeological and conservation sciences.

The society meets monthly on Tuesday nights for their general meeting and hosts occasional events in between meetings on and off campus.

This past week the society had a night of archaeological halloween-themed arts and crafts. The club members made their own Ancient Egyptian canopic jars, jars used by ancient Egyptians during the mummification process. Additionally, members of the GVSU Archeological Society were invited to an event to hear speakers from the Coffinberry Chapter of the Michigan Archaeological Society (MAS) talk about traditional pottery made in the Great Lakes Region. 

According to MAS’s website, they aim to promote “the education of the public toward understanding the importance of our cultural resources. To reach this goal, the MAS involves many people from all walks of life, degrees of interest and experience levels.” 

The GVSU Archeological Society hopes that their collaboration with the MAS will foster opportunities for deeper understanding and allow students to explore possible careers and projects in the field. 

The Archeological Society has plans to continue events and grow the organization. The Archeological Society’s President Rose Chiodo is an Anthropology major and Archeology minor. She said the society is open to people from any major or area of study. 

“(The society) is meant to be a space where all those interested in archaeology, not just those who are seeking to pursue a career in archaeology, can get together and participate in conversation, fun activities and cool experiences,” Chiodo said.

Chiodo joined the club for the opportunity to get some hands-on experience, as GVSU does not currently offer an Archaeology Major. However, GVSU does offer an Archeology minor of 22 credits. The society hopes to provide more opportunities to those who may be interested in expanding their knowledge and for people who have completed, or are on their way to completing, the courses that are currently offered for the minor.

The Archeological Society hosts many opportunities for hands-on interactive learning. In addition to their monthly meetings, the society plans to be have  museum trips, archival tours, movie nights and club study groups for this year. 

Additionally, the club has previously collaborated with the Classics Society and Theta History Club to host the Annual Paleo-Olympics. The Annual Paleo-Olympics is an immersive event showcasing medieval armor, a reenactment of medieval battle, cookie hieroglyphics painting and pottery reassembling to simulate an archeologists job in the field. 

While the society is more educational, Chiodo said she has been intentional with her leadership position and hopes to continue to foster in the club’s culture. 

“This club hopes to offer students friendship, opportunity and fun to all who are involved,” Chiodo said.


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