Addressing war in the Ukraine

Addressing war in the Ukraine

Anush Yepremyan

A year from now, the world will not know much about a country in the Eastern Europe bordering the Black Sea – between Poland, Romania and Moldova in the west and “Great” Russia in the east – the Ukraine.

The darkest page of Ukraine`s history has been turned. Ukraine is on the edge of war, if not in war. For the last 12 months, there was no peace whatsoever.

I grew up in Ukraine. My family moved there when I was three years old. There has never been a hostility between the Russian speaking population and Ukrainians. Never!

I think Crimea was just a test on endurance and what the whole world is going to do about it. Even after taking over Crimea, the situation over Ukraine did not get any better. So many innocent people died, cities were destroyed and chaos took over the country. And still, Mr. Putin is not satisfied – as if keeping his appetite for the whole country.

Three days ago, I saw on the news that there was an attack in Kharkiv, which is the city where my family lives. I would never wish anyone to experience what I felt at that second. It is the worst feeling when you are terrified for the safety of your loved ones.

I started calling them via Skype to make sure that everything was OK and that they were safe, but they would not answer – I freaked out. I called on my dad’s cell phone and, only when he answered, I felt such a relief.

I feel as if the whole of Europe all of the sudden lost their minds. Look at attacks in Denmark, conflicts in France, failure of Greece, wars in Seria – the list can go on and on. How could the whole world let this happen? Isn’t it a shame to face such things in the 21st century?

Going back in time, Ukraine has always been a target. Its geographical situation and its fertile soil were both a blessing and a curse. However, the nation has always stood until the end for its sovereignty.

When I was in high school, every year on May 9 – which is considered to be the Victory Day – we would have lectures about World War II. Veterans would come and tell us those horrifying and breathtaking stories about the war. I would never have thought that one day my country will be in a similar situation.

I think politics are so dirty and we will never find out the truth. Have you ever though what is behind wars and chaos? The answer is big money and experiments. If you studied history, you should remember that the leaders would cause conflicts on purpose – not just to acquire more land, but also to reduce their population, test out their new artillery and so on.

I just feel sorry for Ukrainians and Russians because they were very close and went through many obstacles together, and now what? What is painful is the fact that it takes only one person at the top to put the whole nation at stake and, in the end, it is the people who suffer.

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