Lakers like lower prices

Claire Fisher

When showing school spirit means spending grocery money on clothes you don’t need, students are likely to opt out of showing school spirit. Lowering the price of spirit wear in the Laker Store will help students, faculty, staff and alumni feel pride for and a connection to the Grand Valley State University community.

Clothing doesn’t always entirely reflect a person’s thoughts and opinions, but it is often a good indicator of the things that they value. Wearing basketball shorts might say to the world that a person plays basketball, or maybe that they value comfort. Wearing Ugg boots says to the world that you like to have warm feet or expensive boots. Wearing GVSU T-shirts says to the world that you like GVSU.

Currently, the apparel sold in the Laker Store is too expensive for a student budget. If GVSU wants students to be able to show their school pride, the prices need to be lowered. Digging themselves into debt paying rent and tuition, students are unlikely to spend $19.95 on a T-shirt so that it can say “GVSU.”

On campus, many students sport MSU and U of M gear with very little concern for the fact that they actually attend GVSU. At the University of Michigan and Michigan State University, wearing a shirt from the opposing school is a sign of disrespect for the university and other students are likely to notice the “traitors.” Students who wear MSU and U-M clothing at GVSU aren’t “traitors,” but a university community that accepts this as normal behavior is a community with very little pride in itself.

If the Laker Store lowered the price of GVSU spirit wear and more students started wearing the clothes, we could create a community that really cares about going to school here.

Showing campus pride, not only on campus but also when students return to the real world, is an important part of GVSU growing as a university. Wearing spirit wear is showing off your school. It shows that you are proud of the school you attend, that you root for the sports teams, or maybe just that you think the color scheme is cool. Regardless of the reason you’ve decided to sport spirit wear for your school, you are showing it off. Whether you’re with your family, at the airport, or out to dinner, GVSU clothes tell that world that you are proud of the university.

A price reduction would also help GVSU build the family legacies that other universities have. Growing up wearing MSU and U-M themed clothing, many students spend their lives dreaming about attending the same university where their parents had the time of their lives and rooted for the best football team in Michigan. Selling more affordable options will make GVSU apparel a gift option for family members now and in the future, carrying on the Laker for a Lifetime legacy.

A price reduction in GVSU apparel won’t immediately send students running to the bookstore to get their very own Laker Blue hoodie, but it will help gradually change the campus community into a place where people are proud to be.