IFC Bid Night offers GVSU Men a Home Away from Home

Megan Sinderson/ GVL
Fraternities join together for the IFC Bid Night in the Grand River Room on Wednesday.

Megan Sinderson

Megan Sinderson/ GVL Fraternities join together for the IFC Bid Night in the Grand River Room on Wednesday.

Jackie Smith

On Wednesday, Feb. 13, Grand Valley State University Interfraternity Council welcomed 49 new men into Greek life. The Bid Night started at 9 p.m. in the Grand River Room, which was full of fraternity men excited to greet their new brothers.

IFC Bid acceptance is the final night of the winter recruitment period. For this semester, IFC recruitment was six weeks long, where men could meet members from each of the different fraternities on campus. Each organization offers a wide array of recruitment events for potential new members to come out to during the course of this period.

Patrick Connors, IFC Vice President of Recruitment, said that for the men going through recruitment, this was the night that would solidify which fraternity they would choose.

“For the men, they are finding a family away from home at Grand Valley,” Connors said.

Bid acceptance is a night in which members of all the IFC fraternities, and many members of the other councils, come together to celebrate in welcoming all the new members to their respective organizations.

Many events take place, beginning with Campus Life Night, up until the bid night. Some events that were held to give the men opportunities to meet the fraternities included a question and answer session Jan. 18, information tables in Kirkhof Jan. 16-30, and a pizza meet and greet Jan. 23.

IFC President Alexander Burkholz explained that the process is an informal period designed to bring guys together and introduces them to different fraternities in order to find the one they fit best with.

“We help each member find the best fit for them,” said Connors.

At the bid night, the men must receive a bid, or invitation, from a fraternity. They then announce what fraternity they have chosen to be a member of on stage in front of the entire fraternity community.

GVSU’s IFC Mission Statement states that the council “is dedicated to the advancement of fraternities and sororities on campus by representing and advocating the fraternal community in every aspect of its operation, collaborating with all University and community constituents, and providing educational opportunities for advancement of their values and image.”

While it is the end of the recruitment period, potential members interested in joining are always welcome to contact members of organizations they may be interested in joining.

“Recruitment is a 365-day process and organizations are always welcoming new members at all times,” Burkholz said.

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