Whose house? His House

GVL / Nate Kalinowski 
GVSU His House Organization

GVL / Nate Kalinowski GVSU His House Organization

Katelyn Mudd

With a variety of on-campus worship opportunities available, sometimes it is hard to decide which one
may be the right fit. His House aims to meet students’ needs in a relaxed, intimate environment that
stresses community.

“His House is a (Christian Fellowship) group on campus where anyone can gather, hear a message,
sing, and build a community,” member Allison Kelleher said.

While members do meet as a whole, His House is an on-campus Christian Fellowship organization that
is essentially made up of smaller groups called Life Groups. During a standard His House meeting,
members gather to discuss Bible scriptures, pray, sing and provide a community base for the all the
organization’s members. Life Groups then allow His House members to split into smaller groups that
concentrate on certain topics or goals, which help make the gathering more intimate. Several Life
Group activities include freshman Bible studies, capture the flag, Together Tuesday, service
opportunities and activity and game nights.

Freshman Bible study is a weekly Life Group led by Campus Minster Rodd Lowell and a few of the older
members of His House. The group focuses on the Book of James and the trials facing young students.

“The main goal of His House is to be a blessing to the Grand Valley community and to be a place for
people to grow in their relationship with God,” Lowell said. “One of the biggest things that His House
does is our spring break trip. Last year we took 72 students down to Fort Meyers, Fla. His House does
several services projects every year, usually around 10 to 15.”

His House has an upcoming fall retreat to Lake Ann Camp near Traverse City. Led by communicator
Shane Wood, attendees will participate in worship, breakout sessions that aim to strengthen and
deepen their faith, and interact and meet other students involved with His House from all over
Michigan. Registration is currently open.

While one of many options for Christian Fellowship organizations on-campus, His House strives to be
flexible enough to meet students’ needs.

“His House is a non-denominational Christian-based organization,” Lowell said. “I think that all
campus ministry groups have small differences that make them special. Each group has its own
personality and students will always be able to find a place that fits them.”

His House is active on more campuses than just GVSU.

“His House is a state-wide Christian fellowship,” Lowell said. “Colleges such as Michigan State
University, University of Michigan and Central Michigan University all have His House programs.”

Students of all ages are members of His House, with older students helping to lead the Life Groups.

“A friend from home told me about it, and I had heard nothing but good things,” four-year member
Jamie Iskow said. “I love (His House). It’s like a huge family.”

His House main group meetings are every Tuesday at 7 p.m., usually in the Grand River Room on the
second floor of the Kirkhof Center. For details about available Life Groups, contact communications
associate Brian Richards at [email protected]. For more information, visit the group’s website at

[email protected]