GVSU to expand Fieldhouse Arena by fall 2016

GVL / Emily Frye

GVL / Emily Frye

Andy Smith

On July 10, Grand Valley State University’s Board of Trustees voted to move forward with the next phase of the recreation center expansion. Construction to expand the Fieldhouse Arena is set to begin in Sept. 2015, and will add an additional 47,000 square feet to the current rec center.

Right now, the rec center is 45,000 square feet. The proposed renovations will more than double the current space and will add a number of new options for GVSU students — a much needed change in the eyes of many a Laker.

“Hopefully these new changes to the facilities will allow more students to access it and not have to wait so long to use the equipment,” said GVSU student Josh Gray. “When I go there I have to use the track first and get a cardio work out in because the free weight room line is always so long.”

The tight space of the free weight room has been a point of contention for many GVSU students. The renovations will help to remedy this problem, adding new space to the free weight room and expanding area for cardio workouts. A new main entrance and lobby space will also be built, and new courts for basketball and volleyball will be added for GVSU’s ever-expanding student population.

Further, a new spin and group exercise room will be installed, and nearly all current exercise spaces will be renovated.

A new space for stretching will be put in and, due to the expected increase in attendants, the rec center will also have more lockers for storage of personal belongings. More locker room space for both men and women will be implemented, including a gender neutral locker room.

The renovations are good news for Campus Recreation staff in addition to students. New offices for the staff will be built, and the plans include an update to the current exercise space.

The interior design has yet to be determined, but according to the plan, the lower weight room and the current cardio room will be combined into a larger cardio room. The existing free weight room will be turned into a stretching and fitness space room.

“I really enjoy that they are adding more courts to the center,” said student Scott Wilson. “It will be a lot easier for my friends and I go to and play a pickup game of basketball or volleyball, whatever we are in the mood for that day.”

This construction will take place during the normal rec center hours, and the normal operations and services will not be changed or affected.