GV musicians to perfect art at Double Reed Day on Saturday

Courtesy Photo / Marlen Vavrikova
Last years Double Reed Day

Courtesy Photo / Marlen Vavrikova Last year’s Double Reed Day

Practice makes perfect, so Grand Valley State University’s musicians will attend workshops at the sixth Annual Double Reed Day on Saturday to perfect their art.

Double Reed Day is an event that is comprised of workshops and recitals for oboe and bassoon enthusiasts. Events and sessions will include middle school, high school and college students, amateur players and even professors and band directors.

The event will include master classes for double reed players and band directors, ensemble playing, reed-making workshops and more.

“Each year I look forward to seeing familiar faces and meeting new double reed enthusiasts at the annual GVSU Double Reed Day,” said Marlen Vavrikova, GVSU associate professor of oboe who helps run the event. “Reed students travel from the far corners of Michigan and surrounding states to attend the workshops, play in double reed ensembles, try instruments and catch up with their friends.”

There will also be recitals from GVSU faculty and featured guest artists including Allan Vogel, principal oboe of the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra; Kathleen Gomez, Grand Rapids Symphony horn player and Roger Soren, assistant principal bassoonist and contrabassoonist for the Louisville Orchestra.

“Musicians practice every day and sometimes it can be tedious and boring,” said Katherine Lihan, a GVSU student musician who plans to attend the recitals. “Recitals and workshops remind you of the fun of being a musician.”

Participation in the Double Reed Day requires a prior registration, but the recitals are free in the of the Performing Arts Center.

The GVSU faculty recital will begin at 9 a.m. and the Guest Artist Recital starts at 11:30 a.m.

“By bringing together musicians of all ages and experiences, this event not only enriches our university, but has become a vital part of the Michigan music community,” Vavrikova said.

The schedule for the event, including all workshops and recitals, can be found at www.gvsu.edu/music.

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