Why print journalism will never fade

Kendall Polidori

As our use of technology and media in storytelling advances greatly each day, people are left questioning the life expectancy of print journalism, including newspaper. While our use and consumption of multimedia features in order to obtain news is growing larger, there is something special about print journalism that keeps it relevant and still highly consumed by people. 

There are numerous reasons as to why print news is still as popular today as it was when it first came out, one of them being that a newspaper or magazine has something that no other form of media does: a physical copy. Now, I know I am not the only person that loves the idea and feeling of physically holding something in your hands and reading it. The enjoyment of flipping the page and highlighting important points or ideas is still there. 

Personally, I hoard print copies of everything whether they are books, newspapers, magazines, pamphlets or pictures. There is something personal in having a physical copy, like it is your own and it will always be there to go back and look at, which is also very useful in important or historical events; in a few years, having that physical copy could be very valuable. 

“There is something timeless about a newspaper that society can never deny.” This quote by Faren Rajkumar from The Current explains it perfectly. There is something about a newspaper or print media that no one really understands, but it just feels right. Maybe it’s the nostalgia people get from reading one or that it is always constant and reliable. Either way, a newspaper is just that: timeless. Newspapers are a clear representation of a structured industry, and no matter where we are in society or technology, there will always be that attraction to print or paper that no one can deny. 

Now, not only are newspapers nationwide, there are many local and community print media such as the one you are reading right now. Newspapers provide a simple way in delivering basic news and advertisements. It is important to be informed of local news that may directly affect you, or relate to you because of your proximity. For advertising, newspapers are key for local businesses to place their ads and get their name seen. And while social media is many people’s source of news, not everyone is “connected” on the internet, so print media will always be great way to reach a mass amount of people. 

Of course, we can’t forget that print journalism has a great amount of detail in stories compared to other multimedia features. In television and radio, stories are delivered as short and sweet as possible while not including a good portion of the details. While print does have its limits in word count, there is much more leeway in extended a story and giving it more depth. This gives readers more information and understanding to a story or event, which a lot of people enjoy most of the time. Along with this, many people have made reading the newspaper a kind of ritual; it is what they are used to and always revert back to. 

While technology has made major improvements in our ways of obtaining news, print journalism will never die or fade out. Print will always hold special characteristics that set it apart from the rest, appealing to the people and continuing to be produced.