GVSU Dance Team gives a sneak peek experience

Shelby Pendowski

Grand Valley State University is home to a handful of dance clubs, one of which is the GVSU Laker Dance Team. The group performs at various competitions and sporting events, and each spring the team offers open tryouts.

The Dance Team is hosting a clinic on Nov. 9, during which it will teach attendees dance skills and a new routine to help them prepare for future tryouts.

“It is great for people looking to join not just the GV Dance Team but any college team,” member Linsey Miester said. “It is a great way to preview what is like for a fraction of the price.”

The clinic, held in the GVSU Recreation Center, is taught by members of the team who will work one-on-one with participants.

“It is a great experience for any level of dancer,” said Rael Orao, Laker dance captain president. “It is a good way to clean up your skills and learn new techniques.”

The purpose of the clinic is not only to help teach different styles and techniques but also to push each dancer’s limits.

“It makes you step outside your comfort zone,” Orao said. “You will have been through the audition process.”

The main purpose of the clinic is to raise awareness about the dance team and have fun, Miester said.

“In the past, I think the Laker Dance Team wasn’t well-known and hidden,” Miester said. “The clinic is to show we are a hard-working, dedicated team.”

The clinic costs $20 for pre-registration or $25 the day of the clinic. The three-hour clinic is open to high school students, college students and dancers of all skill levels. Members of other dance clubs at GVSU are also welcome to attend the event.
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