Group exercise passes now available

Courtesy / Katie Webber
Group exercise classes held on campus.

Courtesy / Katie Webber Group exercise classes held on campus.

Ben Glick

Sometimes we need something to kick us out of the winter blues, and the Grand Valley State University Recreational Department might just have the remedy.

Beginning Jan. 13, Campus Recreation will begin holding group exercise classes available to all students, faculty, staff and alumni in the Allendale Fieldhouse Arena and on the downtown campus.

Activities available are arranged into four categories depending on participants’ interests: Functional Fitness, Group X, SPIN and mind/body.

Functional Fitness or TRX classes involve exercise routines inspired by the armed forces, which are designed to build upper-body strength. Modules include cardio elements but also core and other emphases. But that shouldn’t intimidate people from not trying it.

“Most classes we have offer introductory courses, so anyone can take them,” said Amanda Barnes, clerical supervisor of Campus Recreation.

Formerly known as “land classes,” Group X are workouts that focus on cardio and other conditioning methods. TurboKick, Zumba and core conditioning are offered under this category.

Spinning classes involve the use of a stationary bicycle with emphases on cardio and lower-body strength workouts, and they sometimes include a yoga element.

There is also the mind/body section, a new addition that includes many yoga and pilates courses of varying degrees and disciplines.

These recreational classes do not count for course credit but are an outlet for members of the GVSU community to improve health and blow off some steam.

“It’s a lot of fun,” Barnes said. “This is a good thing to do with friends. You meet new people and relieve stress.”

The group exercise program is available during the fall and winter semesters, with this current series of sessions running until the end of the semester. Courses are not held during the spring/summer semester.

For current GVSU students, rates for the individual classes run at $25 per semester. At this rate, students can choose one course from either the Group X and spinning class or from mind/body and functional fitness. For $40 per semester, students will receive the all-class pass, which grants access to all classes taught in the group exercise program.

However, rates run differently for faculty, staff and alumni. The Group X and spinning class package and the mind/body and functional fitness package cost $40 each, and an all-access pass will cost $70.

“It’s a really good deal. You won’t find a better deal at any gym,” Barnes said.

Group exercise classes are offered daily, including a full line-up of more than 45 classes offered each week.

Passes are available for purchase online at, where a full schedule of classes is available as well as class descriptions.