Arts at a glance

Giving Back to Fill Backpacks

If people are willing to wake before the sun rises, brave the cold weather and wait in never ending lines to purchase discounted goods, the Grand Valley University Foundation believes that those same individuals should also have it in them to help support students in need. This Tuesday, the foundation hopes that, with the help of generous members of the Laker community, it can raise $7,000 to be put toward the purchase of textbooks and supplies for students striving to afford the high costs of attending a university. The project, known as Giving Tuesday, is part of a global effort led by United Nations Foundation. There are several ways to donate, including online, by phone and by mail. For more about the charity event, visit


While most every GVSU student will be entranced by final exam study guides in the coming days, hypnotist Tom DeLuca is hoping to put a few Lakers in a trance of another kind. Having come to GVSU for over 30 years, DeLuca is at this point something of a tradition. On Dec. 3 at 9 p.m. the hypnotist, along with those willing to be hypnotized, will take the stage of the Grand River Room in Kirkhof Center. The evening is free of charge and open to the public. To find out more, go to

Flogging Molly

Nearly two decades ago, a relatively unknown seven-piece Irish punk band was performing each Monday evening at a small bar called Molly Malone’s. Since the locale was essentially their home venue, they felt that they were playing there far too often and that they were “flogging it to death,” which lead to the band’s name. Within a few years, the Los Angeles-based group was discovered and signed by SideOneDummy Records, and have since released five full-length albums. Since then, Flogging Molly has been featured at music events such as Van’s Warped Tour and Rock Against Bush. The Celtic punks’ next stop? The Orbit Room in Grand Rapids on Fri., Dec. 5. They will be joined by Dublin-based band The Mighty Stef and Maryland-based band Pasadena. Flogging Molly is known for its high-intensity live shows, as well as its atypical lineup of instruments which includes a bodhrán, concertina, tin whistle and accordion. The show kicks off at 7 p.m. and is open to fans ages 16 and older. Tickets are $27.50 in advance and $33 the day of the show. To preview music released by Flogging Molly, head to For more about the upcoming concert and to purchase tickets, visit