G3 Camp benefits GV through future investment

GVL / Courtesy - Amanda Pitts
Kay Erickson (left) Catherine Hildebrand (right)

GVL / Courtesy – Amanda Pitts Kay Erickson (left) Catherine Hildebrand (right)

Constance Turnbull

Registration for the fourth annual Grandparents, Grandkids, Grand Valley (G3) summer camp at Grand Valley State University is open now until April 30. The camp takes place June 23-25, allowing children ages 8 through 12 to attend hands-on classes with their grandparents, who will accompany their grandkids to each session, creating a learning experience for both generations.

The camp is hosted by the GVSU Regional Math and Science Center (RMSC).

Margo Dill, RMSC program director, explained that these types of camps are becoming very popular across the state. Central Michigan University and Albion College are among the many Michigan education institutions that have a similarly generated program.

“Michigan State has had a grandparents camp for over 10 years,” she said. “The idea originated at the University of Wisconsin and has grown over time.”

Although there is a registration fee to cover costs and living expenses, Dill believes that the real benefit this program has for GVSU is in future investment.

“Our main goal is to get grandchildren thinking about what they want to do in college and where they want to go,” Dill said, adding that the event also benefits GVSU in that it showcases facilities, faculty and staff.

Other goals of the event include creating family bonds, giving children an experience of college life and making positive memories. By showcasing opportunities to these young students, these memories may come back to the campers years down the line when they are considering whether to attend GVSU.

“We hope to provide a positive experience for both generations that helps to strengthen the relationship and to get the children on a college campus to experience a bit of college life,” Dill said.

The RMSC aims to provide and coordinate leadership services and programs to achieve excellence in the teaching, learning and application of mathematics and science.

G3 Camp participants will spend three days and two nights in the Niemeyer Living Center on campus to explore and engage in various evening activities, such as swimming, rock climbing and using campus facilities to watch movies. Additional activities include creating a Zen-inspired garden, learning about sound, testing solar-powered devices and competing puzzles and clues about the eco-friendly features of the Mary Idema Pew Library.

For more information or to register for the summer camp, visit

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