GVSU Car Show jump starts spring season

Courtesy Photo / Gvsucarshow.com

Courtesy Photo / Gvsucarshow.com

Tracy Gershon

After a long, snowy winter, car enthusiasts are jumping on the chance to unveil their babies at GVSU’s Car Show. As the weather begins to warm up, car buffs are excited to show off their cars and enjoy spring.

There is no better way for car enthusiasts to enjoy spring than to gather for a car show and show off their pride and joy, their vehicles.

GVSU Car Club President, Joel DeVriendt, said, “Being one of the only April car shows in the area, the GVSU Car Show has earned a reputation of being the ‘seasonal kickoff event’ for local car enthusiasts. This is great for us because everyone is so enthusiastic to get their cars out after a long winter.”

GVSU’s show boasts being one of the most diverse car shows in the area. Cars represented at the show include everything from Ford Model Ts to muscle cars, hearses, European supercars and alternative energy cars. This diversity is unique, however, the majority of the cars registered for the show will be everyday models seen on the road daily.

Even old beaters will have an opportunity to be on display at the car show in the beater class competition.

“The GVSU Car Show started off as a small event and has grown into one of the biggest events at Grand Valley,” said senior James Johnson.

The GVSU Car Show has a total of seven sponsors: GHSP Solutions, Betten Baker Chevrolet Buick, Hansen Dyke Alignment Inc., The GVSU Riders, Sigma Pi Fraternity -Theta Rho Chapter, Tuner Maneuver Magazine and Grand Rapids Night out.

DeVriendt said these sponsors are essential to the car show’s impact on the community because they are the biggest contributors to the charity, which is the primary focus of the event. Sponsors simply contribute a donation in the $25-$500 range to advertise at the show and this donation is given to the car show’s charity, Pat LaFontaine’s Companions in Courage Foundation.

“The Companions in Courage Foundation raises money for the creation of interactive playrooms and kiosks in children’s hospitals,” DeVriendt said. “All money raised at the GVSU Car Show will directly benefit the children and hospitals of Michigan.”

To enter a car in the show, the Car Show requires a minimum donation of $5, which goes to the charity. There are seven classes in which to enter a car: domestic, import, truck/SUV, classic, motorcycle, hot rod and beater. First, second and third place will be awarded to each category.

Those interested can pre-register online or at the event. The Web site for the car show, www.gvsucarshow.com, has a running list of registered vehicles and allows for easy pre-registry of vehicles for the show.

The event will be held Saturday from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. in the GVSU parking lot H and is free for attendants; this includes food and live music by DJ Mike Zahler.

“Even though finals are coming up, the car show gives everyone a chance to step away from studying for a bit and have fun, which helps with stress,” said Nicole Khan, a GVSU senior. “The automotive community also gets to visit our campus and GVSU students are able to network and meet new friends.”

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