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Chelsea Lane

The Grand Valley Police Department will be unveiling its new See Something, Say Something campaign at this weekend’s home football game against Saginaw Valley State University.

See Something, Say Something will allow students to directly text GVPD if they witness inappropriate behavior at football games.

“This could be drinking, smoking or acting disorderly,” said Capt. Brandon DeHaan, assistant director of the Department of Public Safety. “… We want students to know that if there is inappropriate behavior going on, they can notify law enforcement in a discrete manner. Often people are hesitant to make a phone call with that many people around. However, they feel comfortable texting.”

At the start of the game and during halftime, the number 616-951-GVPD will be displayed on the jumbo screen at Lubbers Stadium.

Spectators can then text this number at any time during the game if they want to alert police to any suspicious or unruly behavior at the stadium without drawing attention to themselves.

The program is part of a Department of Homeland Security initiative that DPS and GVSU Athletics agreed to participate in.

Michigan State University currently uses its own See Something, Say Something campaign at home football games and other sporting events.

DeHaan said there is the potential for GVSU to apply this program to other sporting events, but for now it will just be put into effect during football games.

DeHaan said the program is cost-effective and the only major adjustment DPS made was updating its phone system to allow the department to receive unlimited text messages.

“This is a little- to no-cost initiative that will offer additional safety and means of communication for our sporting spectators,” he said.

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