Steve Aoki concert attracts lively crowd

GVL / Robert Mathews    
Steve Aoki performing inside the Fieldhouse Arena on October 17, 2013

GVL / Robert Mathews Steve Aoki performing inside the Fieldhouse Arena on October 17, 2013

Mary Mattingly

Grand Valley State University got a taste of raging electronic dance music Thursday night, with this year’s Homecoming Concert featuring DJ Steve Aoki. Taking place in the university’s Fieldhouse, the beat enticed plenty of students, as well as non-students, to dance.

“Steve Aoki is (one of ) my favorite EDM artists,” said Jarrett Weber, one of the concert’s attendees. “I’ve never been to a GV concert besides this one, so I wanted to see what it was about.”

Though not many tickets were snatched up initially, they went fast on the day of the show. The venue was packed with sweaty dancers, and the crowd only grew as it got closer to Aoki taking the stage.

The night opened with Autoerotique, an electro-producer from Toronto. The crowd responded, with many dancing throughout the entire set while some attendees lounged on the bleachers. Contrary to many students’ expectations, rapper Waka Flocka Flame did not open for Aoki at GVSU. Though the two are touring together currently as a part of Aoki’s Aokify America Tour, Allendale was not a stop for Flame.

Students took advantage of the concert to don their best rave gear. Decked out in everything from one attendee’s Pokémon-themed outfit to furry legwarmers and pacifiers, attendees wore the best clothes that would catch the flashing strobe lights and multi-colored beams. Concertgoers also accessorized with blue glow sticks, courtesy of Spotlight Productions. A screen mounted behind the stage continuously flashed trippy images behind the artists performing.

A roar from the crowd arose when Aoki finally took the stage, his signature long hair and goatee immediately recognizable. He proceeded to put on a high energy show, complete with confetti shooting from the stage, the obligatory light show and of course, his signature caking of audience members. Conducting the crowd as they jumped around, Aoki kept the music frenetic while the symbol for his record label, Dim Mak Records, flashed on the screen behind him.

“Hands down my favorite part was when Steve played the song ‘Turbluence’ and proceeded to throw an abnormal-sized cake at fellow Lakers,” said Weber.

Several students enjoyed a face-to-face encounter with the artist.

“Steve stopped by outside the area where he was selling shirts and I was right next to him,” said Weber, who managed to get a picture with the DJ. “When I noticed he was there, (my girlfriend and I) busted through a group of fans and snapped a selfie with the man.”

Though Aoki may not be the most well-known name to mainstream music, the concert attracted plenty of attendees, both fans and people who just wanted to dance. One thing was for sure: those who simply stood still were greatly outnumbered.

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