“If you could change one policy at GVSU what would it be?”

“What I hear a lot is that people want more information on the routes of The Rapid. I think this would clear up a lot of misconceptions and save students a lot of time and confusion.”

Willow Tufts 


Social Work 

Shelby, Michigan 

“I think there should be extended funding for student organizations in an equal and fair way. Maybe looking at how money is given out there.”

Ariana Jordan 



Chicago, Illinois

“I think there should be a better way to get information out to freshman. Being new is hard enough, information should be more accessible for new students at Grand Valley.”

Megan Ponke 


Biomedical Sciences  

Yale, Michigan 

“I think they should change how much it costs for students to have a car on campus.”

Travis Frye 



Romulus, Michigan