Student Senate, GSA to hash out fall funding allocation

Anya Zentmeyer

The Grand Valley State University Student Senate will meet with members of the Graduate Student Association on Friday to discuss changes brewing in allocation funds for the GSA next fall.

“As we would with any student or student organization that comes to us or has a concern we worked to make sure every student enrolled is represented properly,” said Jack Iott, Student Senate President.

The university created a Student Life Fund Administrative Board last month to review the allocation process to include not only undergraduate organizations, but also graduate student organizations like GSA,

who in prior years budgets only received about 3 percent of the total allocations made from the Student Life Fund.

“After long deliberation of how to address student life funds for graduate students, we created this allocation board to help make a formal process in which we can satisfy our constituents,” Iott said.

The Student Life Fund Administrative Board is made up of about 10 people, Iott said, and will determine which portion of Student Life reserve funds – a rollover of extra allocation money from student organizations in the previous year – will be awarded to Graduate Student Life.

The Student Senate is expected to discuss the Student Life Fund base budget this afternoon, the entirety of which includes all student organizations at GVSU.

Following this week’s meetings, the Student Senate Finance Board will review any organizations requesting additional funds, but allocation requests of over $10,000 must be brought before the general assembly before numbers can be finalized.

“We are excited that the Board has come to fruition and believe it is a great start to growing the student voice at Grand Valley,” Iott said.

The senate will hold its general assembly meeting today at 4:30 p.m. in the Kirkhof Center’s Pere Marquette Room.

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