1103 QOTI

“I have just chosen to ignore it, not that I think that’s the right thing to do, but that’s just what I’ve done.”

Megan Pipe, Exercise science, senior, Hudsonville

“The only reason would be is it wasn’t something that I was truly interested in. Not only that, but I’m swamped with homework, so that’s not something I’m really paying attention to unless my major is something in politics.”

Devin Mitchell, junior, Exercise science, Mount Clemens

“No I haven’t, I probably should, but I don’t. Grand Valley’s kind of like my own little bubble. With my school, my job and all the other organizations I do, it’s really hard to bust that little bubble.”

Katelyn Churchill, sophomore, Elementary education, Holt

“I have not in this area because I’m not from the Grand Rapids area, but in Lansing I’m involved because my father works for the mayor of Lansing, Virgil Bernero. As for the Grand Rapids area, no.”

Travis Johnson, Allied health sciences, senior, Lansing