Response to Slattery and Swift:

Dear Editor,

Like Swift, there are a few things that led to this note. As a quiet sophomore girl, I have had my share of trouble with the college dating scene. After picking up a copy of The Lanthorn to find Slattery’s first article on Dating in college, I thought that this could really help me. Every Monday and Thursday since, I have picked up my copy to read Slattery’s advice hoping that something will jump out and bite me.

On Monday, October 17th, I sat down at dinner and read Dating in college, part 4: First Dates and found myself laughing because I had been in a similar situation many times before. After reading Slattery’s column, I flipped through the rest of the paper to find Swift’s response.

I was shocked.

There are many valid points made in Swift’s letter to the editor, however, I think there are a few girls here at GVSU that would agree to disagree. As I was reading the quote from the GVSU girl in Swift’s response, I cringed. There are plenty of eligible guys at GV. Every girl has their own standards, just like every guy. If you think that you are not up to one girl’s par, there could be a girl out there who thinks that she’s not up to your par either.

I understand that it takes a lot of courage for a guy to ask a girl out and with this whole “supply and demand” philosophy, the girls are the ones that should be mustering up the courage to get what we want. However, we are all human. Every time we put ourselves out there and get shut down or rejected, it gets harder and harder to do it again.

So to all of the eligible, “nice guys” out there, there are plenty of nice girls who think you are up to our par. We understand that here at GV you may be hard to find but that doesn’t mean we aren’t looking.


Kathleen Terrian

GVSU Student