TJ DO NOT PUBLISH THIS Seidman fair highlights opportunities for business students

Jordan Schulte

HEADLINE: Seiman fair highlights opportunities for business students

AUTHOR: Jordan Schulte

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The Seidman College of Business held its annual student org fair on Jan. 21, providing business students a chance to interact with many of the student organizations available to them.

The fair was held all day in the L. William Seidman center on the Pew Campus. Nearly every business-related student organization was represented, featuring a range of business disciplines from management to finance.

“We want to make students aware of the different organizations that Seidman offers,” said Joy Gianakura, director of the Seidman College of Business. “Students can really explore different options.”

Alex Harris, the Grand Valley State University relations chair for professional fraternity Phi Chi Theta, said the event was a success for his organization. He’s worked other student organization fairs in the past and said they typically increase interest in Phi Chi Theta.

“Meeting someone face to face has a lot better of an impact to get someone to either join or have interest in your group,” he said.

Most students who asked Harris about Phi Chi Theta said they were interested in networking and professional development. He said this is primarily what his organization offers to members.

Gianakura said many of the organizations also offer speakers, corporate tours and the opportunity to explore different career options.

“Student orgs give them exposure to the discipline in a very different way than an internship would,” she said.

Student organizations are one piece of a larger experience that the college tries to provide for business students.

“Being part of a student organization is just one of the areas that we try to help students get involved with in their time with Seidman,” Gianakura said.

The Seidman College of Business holds its student org fair at the beginning of every semester. For more information about the Seidman College of Business, visit