Question of the Issue

How do you think GVSU should solve the parking problem on campus? 

“Expansion. They need to make more parking available, especially on the downtown campus and CHS. Maybe even limiting parking passes.” 

Brennae Bilinkski, senior, allied health science major, Flat Rock, Michigan

“Honestly, they just need more land… I can’t see any way around it.” 

Evan Wallace, junior, supply chain management and marketing major, White Lake, Michigan

“They should build more parking spots or ban freshman from bringing cars.” 

Marcel Jeremiah, senior, broadcasting major, Kalamazoo, Michigan

“Because GV is growing so fast, more parking would be difficult to acquire so an alternative would be some form of underground garage. This’d allow students to have availability to park closer while having enough spots for everyone.” 

Danielle Tanner, senior, international relations, White Pigeon, Michigan

“Not allowing freshman to have a car on campus unless they live ‘x’ amount of miles away.” 

Aaron Christiansen, junior, biology, Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan