Seidman College opens masters program seats to Indian students

Courtesy Photo/
James Williams

Courtesy photo

Courtesy Photo/ James Williams

Elijah Brumback

In partnership with the National Management School of India, Seidman College of Business announced that it will begin admitting Indian students to its Full-time Integrated Masters of Business Administration program (FIMBA).

In what H. James Williams, dean of the business college, called an effort to truly make the business school an international institution, he traveled to Chennai, India, for a signing ceremony to mark the commitment on Oct. 13.

“The Seidman College provides ample opportunities for U.S. students, both in terms of opportunities to study at Seidman and in terms of financial support,” Williams said. “On the other hand, the partnership provides a golden opportunity for Seidman to increase international diversity, which is so necessary for effective global business education. … We expect to have sufficient seats for U.S. students over the short-term with a single cohort and over the long-term, with additional cohorts as necessary.”

The FIMBA program starts each June and the final application deadline is Feb. 15. Applications received by Nov. 15, will be reviewed and qualified candidates will be interviewed in December for an early admission decision.

All students in the program complete a 14-month, 42-credit accelerated program of 600-level coursework.

Students who come to GVSU with the program will take a week-long trip to Washington, D.C., along with the study abroad fellowship portion of the program and spend two weeks during the winter semester at a global destination, all included with their tuition cost of about $40,800.

According to the NMS website, GVSU can recruit students in India who may not necessarily have a business background and conditionally admit them a year early to the program. During this period, students would complete the core courses at NMS to qualify them as business students before joining the GVSU cohort, which averages 30 students.

Beyond completing the yearlong NMS course, prospective Indian students also have to fulfill other requirements conditional for GVSU admission.

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