GVPD announces start of Facebook page

Emelie Milnikel

With help from Grand Valley Police Officer Jeff Stoll, the Grand Valley Police Department recently joined the world of Facebook. Talks to start the page began in early summer but the Department decided to put the page into place recently.

“We had seen other campus PD’s joining Facebook, such as MSU, Eastern, Michigan Tech, etc,” Stoll said. “The GVPD thought it would be beneficial for the GVSU community and a valuable tool, since so many people are on Facebook.”

With proactive information for people posted on the Facebook page such as how to register your bike on campus and just recently, tips about move in week, the GVPD has seen positive results, even though they are limited as of now.

“The page is real recent, but just last week we had three parents who commented on the page in response to posts about move-in week. We have also made a push with the RAs to help advertise the page, since helpful info will be posted frequently, as well as the fire prevention videos.”
With photos of the GVPD staff and future posts of fire arm testing, crime prevention, and safety issues to come, students can check out what the page has to offer now at Grand Valley Police Department.

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