The Countdown to Spring Break ‘14

Hannah Vandenberg

Twenty days, folks, and we will be on that magical break that celebrates the currently non-existent season of Spring. No alarms, no studying, no tests, and if you’re lucky, no snow.

Everyone’s Spring Break looks a little bit different, but if I remember correctly, the over-arching theme is generally beach, booze, bikinis (or lack-thereof), and again, more booze.

Others may stay back and cram in as many hours of work as possible. These wise folks will probably save every penny they make so they can pay off their car or even pay their tuition before their graduation(people do that?).

Back in my earlier years of college, I would always drive the nineteen hours south with several of my girlfriends to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. There would be five of us to a car, and we would cram six to seven people in a four-person room. We lived off of chips and vodka and would sneak into bars if we were underage. Someone would always get sick, someone would always get burned to a crisp, someone would get lost, and all of us would regret something.

I bet the people who stay home and save money have no regrets.

But is it worth it? When I think of all the memories from those crazy trips, I don’t think about mistakes made. Instead, I always think of the adventures we had and the laughs that came (if not immediately, then eventually) from each. In the end, we all arrived home safely and in good health, aside from mild dehydration.

I wonder, have times changed since? I hope not, because this is my first Spring Break since 2008, and you bet your ass I booked a ticket to an international beach. This time around, however, I’m looking forward to actually relaxing. Don’t get me wrong, there will be plenty of booze and plenty of adventures, but this year, I don’t think I’ll be placing bets on who will end up in jail. But if I have to, put me down for $20 on that friend of yours who shoots tequila at 9am. You know who I’m talking about.

Just twenty more days, friends, we can do it.